Friday, 9 June 2017

Camping at Clifty Falls State Park - Part 2

It was really cold during the night, but we managed to get a few hours of sleep and Riaan slept really well. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast thanks to Nathan and Anna. We had bacon and eggs with shredded potatoes, mushrooms and cheese cooked over the fire, accompanied with more yummy coffee. It was a delicious way to start the day!

We went and did another challenging hike in beautiful surroundings. We walked through a long, 600-foot tunnel, that was built in the 1850s as part of a failed railway construction project, and saw Tunnel Falls nearby. We then hiked down to the creek bed, where we saw lots of fossils of shells, and came back to the campground for lunch and to pack up.

Once we had packed up our tents and cleaned our site, we went and did one more hike. We walked around Hoffman Falls, before heading home via nearby Madison. It was a great weekend with friends!

 Candace with Riaan on a cold, clear morning.
 Making breakfast in the morning.
 Hmmm, bacon over the fire. Yum!
 Little man with his rugby ball.
 Looking across at Tunnel Falls.
 Another view of Tunnel Falls.
 Family selfie. :)
 The old railway tunnel. It was never completed.
 Walking through the tunnel.
 The creek bed down below.
 Northern water snake sunning itself on some rocks.
 A closer view.
 Shell imprint in a rock.
 A whole lot of old shell fossils in this little rock.
 The pretty river.
 Walking along the river bank.
 Hoffman Falls from the view site.
 Hoffman Falls is 78 feet or 24 metres high.
Walking through the forest with the little man.
 A former shelter. Only the chimney and foundations remain.

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