Sunday, 25 June 2017

U2 in Louisville...

Earlier in the year I had read that U2 were going to be touring the United States this summer as part of the 30th anniversary of the release of their ground-breaking Joshua Tree album. U2 is one of my favourite bands and so I made a mental note, but I didn't think that we would be able to go to any of their concerts. I had seen them in Cape Town in February 2011, but Candace had never seen them before.

And then earlier this month I discovered that the cheapest tickets had been slashed in half which made their Louisville concert suddenly more affordable. :) We bought two tickets for the 16th June concert, organised hotel accommodation and a babysitter for Riaan, (Thanks, Maleys!) and went and spent the night down in Louisville. (Louisville is just over two hours drive from our house.)

We enjoyed delicious pizza before the concert and then walked from our hotel to the Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. We thoroughly enjoyed the appetiser, One Republic, and loved the main course of U2. They were awesome and it was such a good concert with a powerful message. One of my favourite moments was when a massive Boeing 747 jet flew over the stadium just as they were launching into "Where the Streets Have No Name." It was a fantastic evening!

 The stage with the Joshua Tree.
 U2 walked out on stage playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday."
 They then did a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr...
 And transitioned into "Pride (In the Name of Love)."
 The stage and big screen looked fantastic.
 "Where the Streets Have No Name."
 Performing with a full Salvation Army brass band.
 They took us into a Syrian refugee camp during one of the songs.
 A tribute to all the women of the world.
 Bono is an amazing artist and performer.
 They ended the concert with "Beautiful Day", "Elevation", and "Vertigo."
Saying farewell and thank you on the stage.

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