Wednesday, 21 June 2017

McCormick's Creek on Memorial Day...

Candace, Riaan and I met up with Candace's family at McCormick's Creek State Park on Memorial Day. (Monday, 29th May.) We hiked along a long trail past Wolf Cave and enjoyed lunch at the campground. We also visited the Nature Centre, the Canyon Inn, as well as the waterfall and river. It was a lovely way to spend the holiday!

 Wolf Cave.
 Interesting tree.
 Riaan enjoyed all the different textures.
 Walking along the river.
 Heading back towards the Canyon Inn.
 The Nature Centre at McCormick's Creek.
 Riaan loved the turtles...
 And the snakes, too!
A photo from a year ago at the Nature Centre.
Same place, just one year later! :)
Follow me, Mommy!
 Charging station for hybrid and electric cars.
 Canyon Inn.
 Inside the entrance foyer at the Canyon Inn.
Pretty flower display outside.

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