Sunday, 16 September 2012

Exploring outside Conakry...

Candace and I had the opportunity to travel outside Conakry's city limits last weekend. We were able to see the beauty that the countryside here has to offer. There are large mountains that stand high above the lush vegetation. There are rivers that wind through the tropical forests, often cascading down impressive waterfalls. It was great to get out of the bustling capital of Conakry and see the natural beauty of this nation. Guinea is certainly blessed by God!

 Beautiful mountains near Dubreka.
 We drove past a small aeroplane by the side of the road. No runway nearby, though.
 The beauty of God's creation is encroached upon by the ugliness of man's creation.
 Beautiful waterfall.
 Candace and I at the waterfall.
 More lovely mountains.
 Spot the waterfall.
A clearing in the bush - used for games of mini soccer. The goals are visible.
Rice grows on the slopes of the mountain - there is ample water here.
Many of the trails are waterlogged.
 Beautiful flowers.
 Some more interesting flowers.
 I made the mistake of standing still to take this photo of ants. I had ants in my shoes and socks!
Hiking through the dense vegetation.
Common way of drying clothes throughout West Africa.
Walking back to our Land Rover to drive back to the ship.

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