Monday, 10 September 2012

Grocery day...

A truck comes onto our dock filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, and other supplies at least once a week. We will receive a large delivery of rice, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables essential to keeping the crew and patients happy and healthy. Before the fruit and vegetables can be eaten, though, it is rigourously washed and bleached to ensure there are no unseen nasties present! 

 The truck arrives and the supplies are off-loaded.
 They are brought up the Gangway into Reception, from where they are taken to the Stores. Here are large bags of rice.
Lots of tomatoes and lettuce!


The Smith Fam said...

Hi! I live in Conakry. I took the ship tour last week and was so blessed!! I blogged about it on my blog I was wondering if you would allow me to copy a few of the photos from your last post to add on my post about the ship. I'll cite you as the photographer. Thanks!

Murray Tristan Crawford said...

Hi there, you are welcome to use those photos but please don't credit me - rather credit the Mercy Ships photographers of Debra Bell and Michelle Murrey. :-) Thanks for asking!