Thursday, 13 September 2012

Conakry Port...

As is obvious from this blog and my years with Mercy Ships, God has given me a strong passion for ships and the sea. This passion includes shipwrecks, harbours, lighthouses and any other related nautical theme. Conakry has a busy port. There are always container ships and tankers coming and going, as well as smaller fishing trawlers and canoes. The arrival of these ships and trawlers often create chaos on the adjacent docks, as stevedores unload the vessels and trucks arrive to haul away heavy containers. Here are some photos of what I have seen of the port thus far.

 A reefer comes into the harbour.
 This little Nigerian tanker broke down off the islands and had to be towed into port...
 Which is a good thing, since there are plenty of shipwrecks in this harbour...
 And in the waters outside the breakwater.
An interesting rig/vessel a little way down the quay from us.
 A large fishing trawler.
 There's even a fish on top of its funnel!
 Conakry has a dry-dock, suitable only for smaller vessels.
 This is a view toward the tugs and pilot boats.
 City skyline from the ship.
A large grain or cement storage facility. I'm not sure whether it is functional.
 The Hospital tents on the dock.
 The teams for Admissions, Rehab, Screening, and Outpatients all work in these two tents.
 The entrance and exit to the port.
 A busy day on the dock. There are over 25 trucks in this photo alone!

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