Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Day at the Deputy Chief of Mission House...

Candace and I joined a group going to the US Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission's house last week, where we were spoiled with muffins and coffee. The muffins were delicious - my favourite was the Parmesan and Pine Nut flavour. We also spent the day relaxing in the lovely gardens and swimming in the pool. It was a great day that highlighted how important our partnership with shore-based organisations and government ministries is - including embassies and other NGOs.

 View through the garden towards the pool.
 The lovely pool.
The beautiful garden.
View towards the house.
 Flowers after rain.
 I love how the rain drops cling to the flowers.
More pretty flowers.
 This flower reminds me of a fire-breathing dragon.
The leaves of this tree are pretty cool.

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Tyrone Barton said... savory muffins! You hardly ever find savory ones, just sweet.

The garden and pool were extra nice too...