Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cascade de la Soumba...

Candace and I went out past Dubreka for the third time last weekend. (6th October 2012) We went with some friends to find another large waterfall, Cascade de la Soumba, a little way past Youmaya Valley, where we were the previous weekend. We found the waterfall pretty easily, and as there had been some substantial rain over the past few days, the waterfall was quite impressive.

Unfortunately, the visit for me was slightly tainted by an attack of angry fire ants. I had unknowingly stood on their territory as we arrived at the Cascade de la Soumba, and they crawled up inside my long cargo pants! It was quite a funny sight for my wife and our friends, as I danced around in my boxers, slapping my thighs!

The restaurant overlooking the waterfalls didn't have any food, and so we decided to head back to Dubreka and grab some lunch off the side of the road. We had street meat on fresh bread, with some amazing sweet potato treats, and spicy African sauce. It was so good!

We still had a lot of time before we needed to get home, and so we headed back to Youmaya Valley. We went hiking amongst the fields of wild corn in the shadow of magnificent waterfalls crashing down from above. I half expected to see some elves of Rivendell appear out of the jungle, as the low clouds and the cascading waterfalls gave the area an enchanted, mythical atmosphere.

But soon enough it was time to leave our Middle-Earth and drive back to the ship. It was just another fantastic day in Guinea!

 The Cascade de la Soumba is quite impressive!
 The restaurant that overlooks the waterfall.
 Hiking in Youmaya Valley.
 Hiking back from the waterfall.
Candace next to some wild corn.

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