Friday, 19 October 2012

Fall Festival...

The Africa Mercy community had a Fall Festival event in the Town Square area of the ship last week. Not being an American, I can only surmise that this celebrates the onset of autumn in the northern hemisphere. There were many games for the young - and young-at-heart - including Bobbing for Apples, Bean Bag Toss, Bowling and others. There were also many stalls selling biscuits/cookies, gingerbread men, clothing, cards, jewellery, and more. Candace and I got involved in an epic Bobbing for Apples contest. It was loads of fun and provided much laughter too!

 Town Square area of the ship.
 It was full of people enjoying the stalls.
 Candace and I compete in Bobbing for Apples.
My lovely wife ended up beating me 3-0.

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