Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ile Roume...

We had the opportunity to visit one of the islands in the archipelago off Conakry's coast last weekend. (20th October 2012.) We left the ship at 09h30 and walked across to the fishing village near Obama Bar. Here we donned life-jackets and clambered into a sturdy wooden canoe.

Candace and I were unintentionally seated apart from one another, but it turned out to be a blessing for her since the seat I was given had been recently painted. My nice new cargo pants, bought in the USA in July, now have a distinct blue tinge on the rear! Oops!

Soon enough we were speeding (or rather, chugging) along the waters, navigating rocks and numerous shipwrecks, towards the Ile Roume. We passed the decapitated Boulbinet Lighthouse, up until recently an important sentinel that guarded Conakry's waters from further shipwrecks. Hopefully now that it is out of commission more vessels don't come to grief in these treacherous shallows.

We rounded the Ile Kassa, with its tall palm trees and imposing cliffs reminiscent of a scene out of Jurassic Park, and continued into the bay formed by Conakry's archipelago.

After an hour we reached our destination, Ile Roume, and walked across the island to a lovely beach. Here we spent the day swimming, playing frisbee, reading and relaxing. We even played an international game of beach cricket, with a South African, American, Scotsman, and Australian all participating! We also had a lovely lunch of fresh calamari, fish, and chicken served with delicious potato chips and vegetables!

At 16h00 we walked back to where our boat was waiting, and headed back to Conakry, after a lovely, relaxing day out!

 Roume Island is marked with the A in this snapshot from Google. The AFM is top right.
 A sturdy fishing trawler.
 Approaching the island.
 Almost there!
 The beach was beautiful!
 Relaxing on the beach.
 Frisbee on the beach.
 Beach cricket with an international feel!
 Time to head home.
 Passing many shipwrecks on the way.
Another wreck.
 The AFM is visible across the bay.
The Palace of the Nations as we approach the fishing village.
 Candace and I in the boat.

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