Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hospital Open House Guinea 2012...

The Hospital Open House was held on the Africa Mercy last week. This is when the Hospital opens its doors so that all crew members, expecially non-medical crew, are able to see what it takes to be a nurse or a doctor. This event is usually held in the weeks prior to the Field Service officially starting, and so this year was especially interesting since the Hospital is already functioning - although access was limited to those wards which are not currently occupied. I was covering a shift in Reception at the time, and so was unable to visit the ward, but my wife Candace headed down with my camera and captured a few photos for me.

The sign says it all. :-)
 Try out your surgery skills!
 And now time for some relay races!
 Dress up like a doctor or nurse.
 Learn how to insert an I.V.
 Become a nurse for a shift and see what it's like! (The patients were crew members pretending - not real patients. :-) )

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