Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Youmaya Valley...

We joined a crew activity that headed upcountry this past weekend. We were going to explore some more beautiful valleys and amazing waterfalls out past Dubreka - where we went a few weeks ago. We went to Youmaya Valley, which is lush and green with a peaceful river and many waterfalls cascading down from high mountains above, and hiked up to one of the waterfalls. Here we enjoyed a refreshing swim in the clear, cool mountain river. While we swam and relaxed on the rocky river, we were also captivated by hundreds of butterflies in the air above. They were everywhere! During our trip we also visited a local village and met some of the warm, friendly people. It was a lovely day!

 The mountains with the beautiful waterfalls.
 Candace in front of the amazing view.
 So much green!
 A local village.
 The villagers agreed to a photo!
 We started our hike from here.
 We had to wade across the peaceful river.
 This plant reminds me of a Protea from South Africa.
 Pretty little daisy.
 Another interesting flower.
 I like the contrast in this photo of this tiny flower.
 Apparently these carrot-like growths are edible.
 Fungi growing on a tree stump.
 Beautiful flowers.
 Getting closer to the waterfall.
 Having a break halfway up.
 Swimming in the cool river.
 A little frog hopping up a rock.
 Candace captured an amazing green butterfly in this photo - at right of shot.
 Two little butterflies hanging out on Candace's toes.
 This little fellow took a walk with me along the path.
 Looking back at the heart-shaped waterfall valley.
 Hiking through a field of wild corn.
 Local children wave farewell as we clamber into our Land Rover. What a fantastic day!

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