Friday, 16 November 2012

A Morning on the Dock...

I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Admissions and Rehab Teams this past Wednesday. (14th November 2012.) I had wanted to see what Candace, as the Admissions Team Leader, does in her role, and also experience what happens in the other dockside tents.

Candace has an important administrative role as she organises charts and ensures that all incoming patients are correctly admitted to the Hospital. She corresponds with the Operating Room Office for the daily OR list - to see which patients need to be admitted for surgery. She also informs them of those who are unfit for surgery. Candace and the Admissions Team work closely with Hospital Chaplaincy, so that they can counsel and pray with those who have very sensitive medical issues or those who are unwell for surgery.

I then headed over to the Rehab tent where I helped with a patient's cast*. This little boy had bowed legs, but had them straightened in surgery a few weeks ago. He was back at the ship for a check-up and dressing change. It was a privilege for me to help with this process - since being in the Purser's office I can sometimes feel far from the heart of Mercy Ships. It was great to see the physical transformation happening before my eyes!

*Patient name has been withheld for patient confidentiality.

Helping with the young patient's casts.
He shows his game to the camera.
Playing a clapping game.
Candace with the little boy.

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