Sunday, 4 November 2012

AFM Chopped 2012...

The Town Square area of the ship hosted the second annual edition of Africa Mercy Chopped last Wednesday. (31st October 2012.) For those of you who don't know, Chopped is a TV show that pits four contestants against each other. They have a select amount of ingredients and a time limit to cook up a lovely, mouth-watering, dish.

On the ship, five contestants compete to see who will become the AFM Chopped champion. This time they had to incorporate chicken breasts, ground coffee beans, pumpkin, and hazelnuts into their delicacy, and they had 45 minutes with which to do it! After the 45 minutes were up, our judges did the taste test and three of the five got "chopped". The two finalists went through to the dessert round where they had 30 minutes to make a lovely dish with crunchy peanut butter, pizza dough, and tinned plums! And the contestants certainly turned up some delicious meals, as the photos below show!

The community packed the Town Square area of the ship and really enjoyed another fantastic, cultural event here. There were even finger-food snacks which were provided for the spectators!

 The snacks were delicious!
 The contestants leave with their ingredients.
The five contestants vying for the Chopped trophy!
 The trophy itself.
 A lovely chicken breast with chopped potatoes.
 Chicken on a bed of pumpkin rice.
Another delicious dish.
The eventual winner was Heidi Metz. Congratulations, Heidi!

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