Saturday, 22 December 2012

Annika and Idrissa's Church Wedding...

It was Annika and Idrissa's church wedding on Saturday, 1st December 2012. Annika and Idrissa met with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone last year, fell in love, and were married in Ghana earlier this year. The church wedding was held for Annika's German family and friends.

The service was held in the Lutheran Church in Dusslingen. After the ceremony there was a lovely reception with amazing African food! It was great to have African food, with all the spices, in the cold of the German winter!

 The Lutheran Church was built in the 1400s!
 Inside the church.
Idrissa welcomes family and friends.
 Annika and Idrissa leave the church.
 The beautiful ornate organ.
 Pretty flowers on each pew.
 The Reception venue.
 Our name tag letting us know the table we were seated at.
 Cool flower display on the tables.
 The menu was done on a wooden piece.
 African food!
 Candace and I.
 African music.
 Idrissa and Annika cut their wedding cake.
Mercy Ships crew members who were at the wedding.

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