Sunday, 30 December 2012

Arrival in Cape Town...

Candace and I left London on a Lufthansa flight bound for Munich. Here we changed planes and flew onward to beautiful Cape Town. We arrived safely in Cape Town on the morning of the 7th December. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise as we flew over Africa and soon enough we were descending towards Cape Town International Airport.

It's been an amazing trip with many fantastic memories, and we look forward to good times here in South Africa. December has been an eventful month and I will share some of our stories in the next few weeks. We also have an exciting opportunity to continue serving with Mercy Ships from here in South Africa. More on that later next month. :-) Have a Happy New Year!

 Looking down at the Orange River, the natural border between Namibia and South Africa.
 Here's a closer view.
 And another one.
There was plenty of cloud about as we approached Cape Town.
 We descended through the cloud and there was Cape Town!
 Flying over the Cape Flats.
 Touch-down at Cape Town International Airport.
 The famous Table Mountain is somewhere behind all the cloud in the distance.
Main airport terminal building.

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