Thursday, 20 December 2012

Exploring Tubingen...

Annika and Idrissa took us to see the university town of Tubingen on Friday, 30th November. There was some absolutely magnificent architecture in this quaint town - including the historic castle. The real treat for me, however, was earlier in the day when it snowed and I was able to be outside catching snow flakes on my tongue! It was so much fun! Here are some photos from playing in the snow and our walk through the pretty town of Tubingen.

 Snow-covered logs.
 With Candace in the snow.
 Catching snow flakes!
With Candace at the picture-perfect Tubingen.
The famous German poet Friedrich Holderlin lived in the tower of this yellow building
 This is the Evangelisches Stift, a Protestant Seminary since 1547. It was originally built as an Augustinian monastery around 1262! 
 Lots of bicycles here!
 The entrance to the Hohentubingen Castle. It sits on a hill above the town.
The design around the gate is amazingly intricate!
 The main castle building.
The rain gutters of the castle were designed to look like dragons!
 You cross over a moat to get into the castle building.
 Inside the courtyard. Most of this property is now used by the university. It was in a kitchen here in 1869 that Friedrich Miescher made an important biological breakthrough. He isolated "Nuklein", the substance that contains DNA, the carrier of genetic information.
With a cannon in the courtyard.
The view from outside the castle.
Looking over the old town.
Looking towards where we walked up.
The Lutheran church steeple.
The Lutheran church building.
 Fruit and vegetable market near the large Lutheran church.
 Note the small fellow taking strain holding up the building!
 Pretty creeper covering half of this building.
Traditional bratwurst sausages at a German bar!

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