Friday, 21 December 2012

Hohenzollern Castle...

After exploring Tubingen during the day, Candace and I were taken out to Hohenzollern Castle, a short drive away. This is a Gothic-style castle that was rebuilt during the 19th Century. The original castle dates back to the 11th Century. It was awesome to explore this impressive structure, and also browse at the annual Christmas Market held in the Castle's Courtyard. But boy, it was so cold! The temperature hovered at around -5 degrees Celcius (around 23 degrees Fahrenheit) most of the day, and the castle structure and fortifications were covered in a thick blanket of snow. What an amazing experience!

 Hohenzollern Castle on its hill.
 Little Gatehouse before getting to the Castle itself.
 Thick, thick snow!
 The sculpture above the Main Gate.
 The snow created an amazing atmosphere.
Note the rather cold statues above.
 It was so cold that there were icicles!
 Snow-covered trees.
 Beautiful wintry landscape.
 Snow on this gate.
 Amazing sunset over the snow.
 There are statues of Germany's old leaders around the Castle. They were wearing thick cloaks of snow!
 Weathered walls above.
 The Gate to the Courtyard.
 Inside the Courtyard.
 With another cannon.
 Candace and I.
 The Christmas Market.
Hohenzollern Castle at night.

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