Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Exploring Sherborne...

We left Matthew's house at around noon on Monday, 3rd December, after a lovely day enjoying their hospitality. It was certainly a blessing to be able to leave the majority of our luggage at Matthew's house, since we'd meet up with him before our flights on Thursday again.

Matthew dropped us at Stamford Brook Underground station and we caught the tube to London Waterloo Station. Here we boarded our South West train to Sherborne, Dorset. After a journey of around two hours or so we pulled into Sherborne where Olly Peet, one of my Mercy Ships family members, met us at the station. We had a quiet afternoon and evening enjoying catching up with some of our favourite former Mercy Shippers.

Olly had taken some time off work and so he was our tour guide for our time in Dorset. The next day, Tuesday 4th December, he drove us to the Hayne's Motor Museum where we enjoyed looking at the interesting exhibits and many old cars.

We then headed back to Sherborne and explored the ancient Abbey. I love how there is so much history in Europe, and places like Sherborne Abbey inspire awe in me, since it was built hundreds of years ago without any modern equipment. There were also beautiful stained glass windows in the old church.

We enjoyed a pub lunch, walked in the quiet pretty streets, and then watched Olly and Sally's daughter, Anna, in her school's Christmas nativity concert, before heading back home. We ended the day with a lovely roast dinner and a game of Settlers. It was a great day!

 I love the narrow country roads, hemmed in on either side by a thick hedge.
 1934 Austin 7 Saloon.
 Michael Schumacher's 1996 F1 Ferrari.
 Candace shows Olly where Indiana is, with this large map of US state licence plates.
 Cute little pedal car.
 My Dad once had an MG-A like this one.
Early motor car from 1903.
Sherborne Abbey.
 Stained glass window.
 Inside the Abbey.
 Sherborne Abbey flags.
 Candace and I outside Sherborne Abbey.
 This is the cycle shop we went to - I was looking for cleat covers for my Dad.
Two gold postboxes to commemorate Sherborne's two Olympic Gold medalists this year.
Sherborne main street.

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