Sunday, 18 May 2014

A ship takes shape...

I had a very productive day on Friday (16th May 2014), including assembling the stern and bow areas of my model ship. The process took me longer than expected, but I was very happy with the result! I still need to work on decks 7 and 8, make the funnel, masts, cranes and lifeboats, and add the blue paint on the hull. So it will certainly be a busy next couple of weeks! Stay posted for more!

Working on the stern section of my Africa Mercy model.
The model stern alongside the real deal on the laptop screen.
Completed stern section (for now). Time to move on to the bow!
Putting the bow into shape.
 Still not quite right.
That's more like it!
Bow section largely complete.
View looking forward inside the model.
Full length of the model with the bow and stern connected by the midships section of hull.
Starboard side view.
View from above.

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