Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bridge construction...

It has been a slower week in terms of model construction. I have spent the majority of my time sourcing more materials and scribbling ideas on how to make this build even better. I may even add electricity to the model, with working navigational lights in the future. But for now there is still much to do on decks 7 and 8, and a fitting place to start is the bridge. I worked on it this past Monday and I was very happy with the result! :-)

The bridge is higher than the rest of Deck 7 and so it has to sit on a stand.
The floor of the bridge with the walkway around the outside.
Seeing where the best position will be.
Sides of the bridge ready to have their windows put on.
The windows of the bridge.
Aft of the bridge.
Putting the ceiling (deckhead) in place.
Starboard bridge wing with green navigational light.
Port bridge wing with red navigational light.
View from off the starboard bow.
And finally, the view from off the port bow.

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