Friday, 16 May 2014

The Writing's on the Wall...

Or perhaps the branding is on the hull? Here are some more photos from my model of the Africa Mercy. The sides have been branded with the Mercy Ships website address, and the bow and anchor section has been made. The task remains to join these pieces of thick paper together so that they begin to look like the real deal!

 The Mercy Ships web address on the starboard side of the vessel.
Starboard - aft - section of hull.
Close-up of the Emergency Gangway entrance on Deck 4.
Figuring out the stern.
Working on the anchors.
View showing the other side of the anchor housing. No drawing on the hull for me.
Name added above the starboard anchor.
Bow section - it will fold to create the shape of the AFM's bow.
The actual construction of the ship begins tomorrow!

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