Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Deck 7 Aft...

I had a productive weekend and first half of this week as I continue to work on my Africa Mercy model. All of the superstructure of Deck 7 is now in place, and the outside decks aft of the bridge are being worked on. Here is my progress in pictures. :-) The Dining Room table is my temporary work space currently.

Working on the Deck 7 external walls.
Starting aft and working my way forward.
Midships section of Deck 7.
All sections now gluing.
Strips of green paper form the green deck paint.
These ladders were quite a mission to make...
But I was quite happy with how they looked, once glued in place.
Emergency exit stairway from Deck 6.
Emergency Generator Room and Carpentry shop areas of Deck 7 port side.
The partially-enclosed area of Deck 7.
Stairs joining Deck 7 with Deck 8.
Lots of toothpicks, painted white, drying in the sun. I wonder what they'll be used for?
Ah, there they all are!
Almost done with the aft of Deck 7!
Starboard side.
And finally, the port side view.

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