Monday, 19 October 2015


Candace and I spent the day after the wedding (Sunday, 23rd August) exploring the historic Jamestown area - about an hour from Richmond. Jamestown is where the first permanent English colony was established in the Americas back in 1607.

We had a seafood lunch before going to the Jamestown Settlement, a museum recreating life in the 1600s. They have three replicas of the original ships that brought the original settlers over in 1607. There are also recreations of a Native American village and the James Fort, as well as people dressed in period outfits. It was very interesting and we enjoyed our time - especially seeing the ships.

We then went and visited the ruins of the Glasshouse, where glass was made in the early 1600s, and then drove around Jamestown Island - site of where the original fort was located. We headed back to Richmond via the Jamestown Pie Company where we had a delicious chicken and vegetable pie. It was the perfect end to an adventurous day!

 Entering America's Historic Triangle.
 We had lunch at Captain George's.
 Sculpture and fountain at the entrance to the Jamestown Settlement.
 Flags of the fifty states fly here.
 Pretty awe-inspiring statement. I love history!
 Powhatan Indian Village.
 Dwelling hut.
 Inside the wigwam.
 The replica ships include the largest vessel, the Susan Constant. (Above.)
 Main gun deck of the Susan Constant.
 The tiller - attached to the ship's rudder.
 The smallest vessel, the Discoverie.
 View of the Susan Constant from the Discoverie.
 The Godspeed.
 Bow of the Godspeed.
 The three ships at their berth in the James River.
 Car ferry Pocahontas.
 Candace and I in front of the Susan Constant.
 Rear view of the largest ship.
 The recreation of James Fort.
 Cannon with church behind.
 Inside the church.
 Sleeping quarters - complete with armour in case of an attack.
 Another building inside the fort.
 Outside the James Fort recreation.
 Waves lap the shoreline near Jamestown Island.
 The waters are rising in this area - threatening the historic sites.
 The Jamestown Glasshouse - near the ruins of the original 1600s glasshouse.
 Deer on Jamestown Island.
 Driving across one of the causeways.
 View towards the replica ships.
The Jamestown Pie Company. :)

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