Friday, 30 October 2015

The Ohio River in Evansville...

Evansville is a large city about an hour south of Odon, Indiana. It sits on the north bank of the Ohio River, the natural border separating Indiana from Kentucky. Candace and I walked along the river front on the Greenway path, which encircles Evansville, last month.

During the Second World War, Evansville was an important industrial hub that built Landing Ship - Tanks (LSTs) for the Allies. The USS LST 325 is moored on the Ohio River in Evansville as a museum ship. Unfortunately, when we were down in Evansville the ship had sailed elsewhere - but we'll get to visit her another day, I'm sure.

 Where LST 325 is usually berthed.
Barge on the Ohio River.
City of Evansville paddle-steamer hotel and casino.
 Steam engine and carriages at the Evansville Museum.
 A closer view of the locomotive.
 Red caboose.
 Sculpture outside the Visitor's Bureau.
 Evansville Visitor's Bureau.
 Korean War memorial.
 Four Freedoms Monument.
 City of Evansville paddle-steamer.
 Walking to the downtown riverfront area.
 Tiered seating where you can watch the river. They also have concerts and fireworks displays here.
The seal of the City of Evansville.

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