Thursday, 22 October 2015

Travels back to Indiana...

Candace and I travelled back to Indiana on Monday, 24th August. We drove through many pretty places and took our time on the drive back. Our highlight was stopping at the Humpback Covered Bridge near Covington, Virginia. Other interesting stops included the Natural Bridge in Virginia and the town of White Sulphur Springs - and the historic Greenbrier hotel - in West Virginia. We even detoured a fair distance so I could set foot in Ohio - another state - later in the day. We only arrived back home at about 23h00 (11pm) in the evening!

 Driving through the hills of Virginia.
 Heading to the Natural Bridge.
 The large hotel at Natural Bridge.
 Entrance to the Natural Bridge.
 Old car parked outside the tourist attraction.
 Butterflies relaxing in the sun.
 We didn't have enough time to go into the actual site of the Natural Bridge, and so we drove into the hills to try and catch a sight. You can just about make it out through the trees here.
 Pretty Virginia farmland and rolling hills.
 Driving to the Humpback Bridge in Virginia.
 It's beautiful!
 Walking in the river bed below.
 There are three bridges here.
 Dunlap Creek, a tributary of the Jackson River.
 We loved this artwork near the bridge.
 Driving into White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
 Old buildings on the Main Street.
 Awesome zebra Land Rover.
 Amtrak railway station at White Sulphur Springs.
 The historic Greenbrier hotel.
 Main entrance.
 Pretty flowers.
 The Springhouse - a natural sulphur water spring.
 History of the Springhouse.
 Leaving West Virginia and entering Kentucky.
 Ohio! I opened the car door and put my foot on the ground when we were stopped at an intersection! :)
Large girders on the bridge crossing the Ohio River.

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