Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Travels to Virginia...

Candace and I went on a lovely road trip to Virginia towards the end of August. A couple of Mercy Ships friends were getting married near Richmond and we decided to spend three nights - two full days - exploring this interesting area. We drove through Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia during the ten-hour drive. Here are some photos from our travels to Virginia on Friday, 21st August.

 Entering West Virgina.
 Crossing the Kanawha River in Charleston, capitol of West Virginia.
 West Virginia State Capitol.
 Another impressive bridge.
 Entering Virginia.
 Beautiful rolling hills and mountains!
 Crosses on the hillside.
 We stayed on Interstate-64 all the way from Indiana to Richmond, Virginia.
 Highway Workers' Memorial near Greenwood, VA.
 Approaching Richmond.
 Speed limit is enforced by aircraft in Virginia.

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