Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Arrival in Tenerife 2012...

The Africa Mercy arrived off Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Monday, 25th June, after a ten-day voyage from Togo. The whole island and surrounding sea was shrouded in a misty haze, similar to the Harmattan dust, which meant that photography to show the beauty of Tenerife (which is undeniable) was a little frustrating. However, I did manage to snap a few photos from our arrival into Tenerife's harbour.

We will be docked in Tenerife for just a few days before the ship sails across to Gran Canaria on the 2nd July and enters an extensive shipyard phase. Your prayers for the technical work to be done would be most appreciated!

 Santa Cruz de Tenerife is barely visible through the haze.
 Pilot boat approaches...
 And drops off the pilot.
The Africa Mercy begins to sail towards the port's entry.
 Port Control buildings.
 Clearing the main breakwater...
 And heading into the sheltered waters of the harbour.
 The berth we are usually docked at in Tenerife. However, we are much closer to town this year.
 Manouevring closer to the dock.
 Nearly there!
 Mooring lines go ashore.
 Quaint little steamer La Palma on the other side of the harbour. This museum ship was launched in 1912, and is one of the oldest surviving ships of her era. For more click here
 Beautiful Tenerife scenery.
 The Gangway is down...
And the ship is secure! Time to head into Tenerife! :-)

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