Sunday, 17 June 2012

Farewell Togo!

The Africa Mercy pulled out of Lome's harbour on Friday morning (15th June) after a five-month Field Service to the nation of Togo. It was sad leaving our familiar dock and heading out to sea, but it is also very exciting to be sailing again. We'll miss Togo but we pray that God blesses this country richly in the coming months and years ahead.

We are now sailing along the Atlantic Ocean, on an eleven-day voyage to our destination of the Canary Islands. Here we will be doing some routine maintenance and an essential dry-docking for the vessel, and it will also give some of our Hospital crew a welcome vacation. I hope to blog more during this sail, as sea-life and weather permit, but for now please pray for a smooth sail and a safe arrival in Tenerife. God bless!

Here are some photos from our departure - enjoy!

 The gangway is lifted.
 The dock looks really empty with the gangway gone.
 Line-handlers prepare to cast off our mooring lines.
 Tug Lome stands by to assist.
 Pushing away from our berth.
 Heading slowly down the quay.
 And clearing the dock.
 The Port of Lome looks very small as we head for open waters.
 Pilot boat alongside to take off the pilot.
 Off he goes!
 And the pilot boat heads back to the safety of the harbour.
 Clearing the main breakwater.
 Farewell Togo - may the Lord bless you!

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