Friday, 29 June 2012

Exploring Santa Cruz de Tenerife...

Candace and I walked into town shortly after the vessel had been cleared by customs and immigration on Monday. We headed along the dock and towards the town centre. Tenerife truly is a beautiful place. We came across the huge park up the hill from the port, and spent some time relaxing there. The sun is only setting after 21h00 here, and so we spent the twilight people-watching by the large pond at the main plaza. But soon enough our beds were calling us home, and so we begun our walk back to our floating home.

After 10-days at sea, Tenerife is a treat!

 Island ferries in the harbour.
 Follow the blue line to the City Centre.
Large rescue tug docked.
 Africa Mercy from across the harbour.

 The town's main park. It's beautiful!
 Candace and I in the park.
 Pretty water fountains.
 Giant clock at the park. It wasn't working.
 Twilight at the main plaza.
With Candace.

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