Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sail activities...

Sailing is one of my favourite activites whilst serving with Mercy Ships. I definitely see the value of the amazing work that we do when docked in the developing nations of West Africa, but when the ship sails only for perhaps three weeks in a year, the voyage is always a special time.

There are a number of fun activities that have been organised during this sail. Candace and I have taken part in various events including movie screenings, Bingo night, lovely worship as the sun sets beneath the waves, and the annual (every sail) Sock Golf tournament.

Sock Golf is a very fun event. In teams of four, and with a pair of socks rolled into a ball, you take part in a golf course around the ship, trying to get as low a score as possible for the course. It works exactly the same as golf, but is perhaps more fun being on a moving ship which adds to the experience!

Worship on Deck 7.
 Sock Golf. I'm not as intense as I look!
 Bingo night...
... A very fun event for the whole crew!

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