Monday, 17 August 2015

Columbia River Gorge...

We went sightseeing with our Mercy Ships friends on Saturday morning, 20th June. We drove through Portland and along the Columbia River Gorge. Here we visited Vista House, which is a structure perched on a cliff high above the Columbia River. We had some beautiful views and even spotted an Amtrak train far across the river - on the same line we had travelled a few days previously.

We then went and hiked up to the top of Multnomah Falls, a double-waterfall that drops over 610 feet to the ground below! The hike itself was a good workout and lots of fun. The scenery was breathtaking and Oregon is certainly blessed with beauty!

 Possibly Mount Rainier in the distance.
 Vista House overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.
 View down towards the river.
 Amtrak train travels through the trees on the distant shore.
 Multnomah Falls in Oregon.
 Heights of the Upper and Lower Falls.
 Railway information sign on a railway bridge.
 The Lower Falls at Multnomah Falls.
 Elliot and Julle pushing Abi up the trail.
 Beautiful view down towards the Columbia River.
 River barge far below.
 At the top of the Upper Falls. That's a scary drop-off!
 Viewing platform at the top.
 Multnomah Falls - both Upper and Lower Falls visible here.
All of us after our lovely hike. What a great morning!

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Rutger said...

Great to see these old friends, cool that you took the opportunity to meet up!