Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Yaquina Bay...

After visiting the Devil's Punch Bowl we went and had a lovely seafood lunch at Mo's Restaurant on the Bayfront. We then went to the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which stands on the north side of the harbour entrance at Newport. We had a lovely time exploring this unique lighthouse, before heading inland again.

Our time at the Oregon coast had come and gone in a flash, but we'd had a wonderful visit on this beautiful stretch of coast. It was definitely refreshing to see the ocean, beaches, waves, and ships again. Good for the soul of a now-landlocked man who's lived most of his life next to - or on - the ocean!

 Sign at Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.
 Our usual lighthouse selfie shot!
 Inside the lighthouse is a museum and the rooms are set out how they were back in the 1870s.
 Lighthouse keeper's bedroom.
 The ladder to the light itself.
 There's a Coast Guard observation tower built to the right of the lighthouse.
 The lighthouse and Coast Guard tower from the road below.
 Another view of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.
Entrance to Yaquina Bay and the harbour at Newport.

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