Monday, 10 August 2015

Devil's Punch Bowl...

Once we had finished exploring Yaquina Head, we drove a few miles north and visited Devil's Punch Bowl - a natural bowl that has been carved by the ocean's action. Waves crash in through a couple of holes open to the ocean and the water swirls around the bowl. The inside of the bowl is a red/orange colour, and this lends itself to the name.

It was low tide when Candace and I visited this attraction. We even went down to the beach nearby and walked inside the Devil's Punch Bowl. We then waded in the cold Pacific Ocean - the first time I'd touched this vast sea!

 Entering the Devil's Punch Bowl area.
 Antique ice cream van.
 Looking down at Devil's Punch Bowl. The colour is clearly visible here.
 We walked along the path to this lookout point. This is the view south towards Yaquina Head.
 Seabirds on the calm water.
 Grey squirrel clinging to the edge.
 We then walked down to the beach.
 We were both excited to be walking on real sea sand again!
 Low tide inside the Punch Bowl.
Candace and I in the Punch Bowl.
 Starfish half-submerged by sand.
 100s of sea anenomes.
 Candace escaping the cold Pacific.
 My first feel of the Pacific Ocean. It was freezing!
 We spotted another bald eagle on our drive back to Newport.
This bald eagle was perched on a branch above the cliff.

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