Friday, 14 August 2015

Pacific Pie reunion...

After spending time on the Oregon coast, Candace and I headed back to Portland to meet up with some Mercy Ships friends. We went via Albany where we spent a night with Candace's family before we journeyed north to Portland. More on our time with Candace's family in a later post.

We stayed with Mercy Ships friends and we had a lovely reunion dinner at the Pacific Pie restaurant in Portland. (Friday, 19th June.) It was great to see so many of my ship friends - some of whom I hadn't seen in over five years! I've also really missed proper pies - of the meat or chicken variety - while living in the USA, so this was a rare treat. You can see the lamb pie I enjoyed above. :)

 Portland traffic as we approach our exit - appropriately named Murray Boulevard. :)
 We spent a lot of time playing this fun game, where you throw a rope (with a golf ball on either end) to try and wrap it around the rungs. It's kind of like bags/cornhole.
 Tim and Karin's back garden.
Mercy Ships reunion at the Pacific Pie. :)

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