Thursday, 6 August 2015

Yaquina Head...

Candace and I woke up refreshed in our Days Inn hotel room on the morning of the 18th June. We were ready to explore some interesting areas around Newport. We first headed north a short distance and visited Yaquina Head and its historic lighthouse.

Here we saw bald eagles and other seabirds on the rocks across from the lighthouse. They were amazing to see! We also walked down to the Cobble Beach and explored the rock pools in this beautiful area. It was actually quite calm and we were blessed to be there at low tide too.

We then hiked up the low hill above the lighthouse. From the summit we had impressive views along the Oregon coast - both north and south. I was also very excited when a US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter flew past along the coast. I'd never seen a Coast Guard helicopter in real life before!

 Sign to Yaquina Head.
 Giant compass at Yaquina Head.
 Candace and I have a tradition since marriage. We always take a selfie with every lighthouse we come across!
 View towards the Cobble Beach.
 Harbour seals relaxing on the rocks below.
 Large rocks across from the lighthouse - covered in seabirds.
 View across at the seabird colony. Two juvenile bald eagles are on the left and one adult bald eagle is on the right.
 Turkey vulture and adult bald eagle.
 The juvenile bald eagles.
 Brandt's cormorant flanked by seagulls.
 Another view of the majestic bald eagle.
 Seagull carrying an egg - possibly its breakfast.
 Walking down towards Cobble Beach.
 Guano-covered rock.
 The two of us on Cobble Beach.
 Sea anemones out of the water at low tide.
 Sea anemone in a tidal pool.
 Sea lemon in a rock pool.
 It was slowly moving across the bottom of the pool.
 Gumboot chiton.
 More pretty sea anemones.
 Even more sea anemones. They were everywhere.
 California mussels.
 "Thanks for walking around us."
 Tiny crab scuttling amongst the rocks.
 Kayakers off Yaquina Head. The sea was very calm.
 White-crowned sparrow on our hike.
 Small fishing vessel.
 US Coast Guard helicopter flies past Yaquina Head Light.
 View of Yaquina Head from above.
 View looking north along the coast...
And south along the coast towards Newport.

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