Thursday, 5 July 2012

Arrival in Indiana, USA...

Candace and I left the ship bound for Indiana, USA, this past Friday (29th June). We are on a three-week vacation and will return to the Africa Mercy on the 22nd July. We had many flights, including flying from Tenerife to Madrid, Madrid to London, London to Chicago, and finally Chicago to Indianapolis. We arrived in Indianapolis after almost 36 hours of travelling!

At the airport we were warmly greeted by Candace's family. They haven't seen Candace in thirteen months, and they have never met me! I hope I made a good impression! After a lovely dinner at the Cracker Barrel we drove down to Odon, Indiana, which will be our base for the next few weeks.

The countryside here in southern Indiana is beautiful, and I am enjoying my time here. The farming community here is very close-knit and amish families live alongside modern technology. It's a kaleidoscope of different cultures!

 We've done a number of activities over the past few days, so keep an eye out for more blog posts in the coming days. 

 The Indy 500 race track visible as we fly into Indianapolis.
 The traffic lights are suspended in mid-air by wires, and not on poles.
 A picturesque old barn.
 Cattle graze across the fields.
 Old tractors at Candace's grandpa's house.
 A really old steam-driven tractor!
An old hand waterpump.
My first amish buggy sighting!