Thursday, 26 June 2014

Aft Crane...

The large aft crane is an essential piece of equipment for Mercy Ships' mission throughout Africa. It is used to load and offload containers and stores, and it also hoists ship vehicles to Deck 8 at the conclusion of a Field Service. My crane has some functionality too. It can rotate and go up and down. It is, however, fixed in position for sailing! :-)

The base of the crane sits down on Deck 5 on the aft mooring deck.
The control cab being constructed.
The control cab attached to the crane. This is the aft view.
Parts of the crane ready to be fitted together.
Attaching the hook.
SWL = Safe Working Load.
The control cab fitted to the base of the crane.
The base of the crane sitting on Deck 5.
Starboard side view.
Aft view.
The lifting hook held in position on Deck 8.

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