Saturday, 7 June 2014

Navigational Lights...

Since all ships are required by maritime law to have navigational or running lights, I decided to install some basic lights on my Africa Mercy model. At the moment there are just four lights: a port light (red), a starboard light (green), and one white light in each mast. Ships are also required to have a stern light, but I'm not sure I'll be adding this one to my model. My brother showed me the theory and how to connect the wires to the battery and on-off switch, and I then installed it in the ship. This is what it looks like now. :-)

Green and red LEDs for the navigational lights.
 Starboard (green) navigational light.
 Port (red) navigational light.
The battery pack and aft mast light - prior to the aft mast being constructed!
All lights connected but not properly installed just yet.
Ah, that's better! (More on the mast construction in a separate post. :-) )

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