Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Swimming Pool...

The Africa Mercy's swimming pool was installed in Tenerife in December 2009, but crew members had to wait until January 2011 when it was fully-functional. Since then the pool has been a huge blessing to many crew members, especially the ship families. There's nothing better than spending a relaxing afternoon reading by the pool! I spent two days working on my pool last week.

The pool started out as a simple rectangular box.
I then added the deck - where crew members can lounge by the pool.
In 2012 the pool had the Mercy Ships logo on the bottom. I reflected this by printing out a photo of the real pool and using it for the water's surface. This creates a realistic water feel. :-)
Taking shape up on Deck 8.
My pool has an additional function. It stores the batteries and wiring for the light function of the model. This is the switch for the lights.
 Lift up the water and it reveals the compartment...
Housing the electronics.
Stairs up to the pool deck in place.
Supports for the deck around the pool in place too.
Pool complete! Not sure I'm going to add the canopy that covers this area of Deck 8. Will have to see how much time I have left over once finished! :-)

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