Sunday, 22 June 2014

Aft Mooring Deck...

The aft mooring deck is an area that is usually off-limits to general crew members. This is due to the hazardous nature of work occurring here. The base of the main crane sits on the aft mooring deck, and the hatches to the main cargo hold are located here too. There are also bollards and mooring lines for securing the aft of the ship when docked.

Early stage of work on the stern.
More work done on the stern - including large capstans for pulling in mooring lines.
Bollards for mooring lines in place now.
Working on the fixture for the aft navigation lights and flag staff.
In position on the aft mooring deck.
Bollards with mooring lines.
Mooring line needs to be released from the bollard and stowed. :-)
Aft mooring deck complete with crane and the ladder to Deck 8. :-)

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