Sunday, 15 June 2014

Forward Crane...

The forward stores crane has many important uses. It is used by the Galley to load stores through a hatch on Deck 8. It also hoists up waste and garbage dumpsters through the same hatch, and is used for lowering and raising the forward gangway into position when Mercy Ships arrives and departs a port. It is a key piece of machinery and is brought to life on my model here. :-)

The control cab for the forward crane. However, it is too small for a person to fit inside, and so the crane is controlled via a removable joystick.
 The main part of the crane.
The crane ready to be installed on Deck 8.
The hook is fashioned out of a paper clip. :-)
Engineering vents forward of the funnel.
Forward crane in position on Deck 8.
Another view. Deck 8 is coming to life! :-)

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Rutger said...

Great stuff, it's all coming to life! So many details that you need to take care of, I love the golf ball as satellite dome.:) Small correction trough, you can control the small crane from within itself, there is even a small window in it, it gets used when the cable for the remote snaps, which I guess keeps happening once in a while.:)