Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fancy watching a sunset from the Bow?

During a sail, the bow is always one of the best places to be in the early evening. It is wonderful to watch the sun slip beneath the waves while worshipping God. And every now and then, a pod of dolphins may appear to swim with the Africa Mercy as we sail along. It's definitely a magical place. I tried to honour the bow through the details here. It took me several days over the last two weeks to get this area just right. :-) Enjoy these photos of the bow coming to life!

The earlier phases of adding details to the bow.
The hatch to the interior of the ship is the white structure near the windows.
Bollards and vents in place. The green hatch leads down to the bosun's locker where the mooring lines are stowed.
Almost complete. Just one more important detail...
The anchor chain emplacements, of course!
Now to install it onto the ship...
And there we go, the starboard anchor chain.
Starboard and port anchor chains in place...
Along with the ladders leading to the walkway around the Bridge above.
The ship is coming along nicely. Next blogs will be about the aft mooring deck and the large aft crane. :-)

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