Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mast construction...

I worked on both the forward and aft masts late last week. It was quite a finicky business making the masts, and now that they are installed up on Deck 8 I have to be extra-careful I don't knock them over when I'm working on other parts of the ship!

Pieces of cardboard which will become the forward mast.
Forward mast being constructed.
Getting there!
Toothpicks form the skeleton of the upper part of the mast.
Radar in place near the top of the mast.
Forward mast installed just aft of the bridge.
Aft mast installed on Deck 8.
Support struts of the aft mast in place.
Cross for the very top of the aft mast.
The cross on top of the aft mast.

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