Monday, 16 December 2013

Hiking across Table Mountain...

Candace and I joined Dad and Flicka in hiking across the front of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak on Friday, October 25th. We started at the Lower Cableway Station and headed up to the contour path, from where we went across the front of the mountain and around Devil's Peak to King's Blockhouse. We walked down to Rhodes Memorial from there. The hike gave us a beautiful view down towards Cape Town's business district, the harbour, as well as the surrounding suburbs.

It was a five-hour hike and we were quite tired by the time we reached Rhodes Memorial!

Hiking above the Lower Cableway Station.
Flicka comes back to see why we're so slow! :-)
This rock robot decided he needed a rest. Do you see him? :-)
Dad and Candace hold up the mountain!
My beautiful wife with some pretty flowers.
Some more amazing flowers.
Really interesting succulent plants.
Another fascinating plant.
Low cloud comes in between Table Mountain and Lion's Head.
Table Mountain as seen from the slopes of Devil's Peak. Platteklip Gorge is clearly visible.
The path goes perilously close to the edge there!
Hiking along the mountain path.
King's Blockhouse, on the slopes of Devil's Peak.
Low cloud swirling around the Blockhouse.
Rhodes Memorial.
Another view of Rhodes Memorial.

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