Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mercy Ships dock in Pointe-Noire...

Mercy Ships has a lovely, spacious dock here in Pointe-Noire, Congo. There is lots of space for the ship vehicles, as well as for the dockside hospital tents. The port itself is quite well-developed with many ships coming and going. There are also many vessels at anchor off the point. This harbour is probably one of the largest that Mercy Ships has been in for quite some time. It's over a mile in distance to get to the main port gate from the ship!

Looking across at some of the harbour from where we are berthed.
Large container cranes - a sure sign of development.
Naval vessels across the harbour.
Tug boats and work boats.
View towards the berth aft of us.
Dockside tents. The Admissions tent is the brown one on the right.
The Port is operating at Security Level 1.
Walking down the gangway to investigate our dock.
Transportation tent towards the aft of the ship.
Portable patient toilet on the dock. :-)
Admissions tent. Candace was the Admissions Team Leader throughout 2012.
Another view of the tents from the top of the gangway. The Rehab and Infant Feeding tent is the first one, then there is Outpatients, Hospital Photography, and finally the Admissions tent.
Shipwrecks are common sights in ports visited by Mercy Ships.
Mercy Ships M/V Africa Mercy docked in Pointe-Noire, Congo.

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