Sunday, 22 December 2013

Long-distance birthday celebrations...

It was Candace's birthday on December 9th. It's difficult being apart for special occasions, including Thanksgiving, Candace's birthday, and soon Christmas too. But we can make the most of modern technology and still celebrate these special occasions. We had a little party here in Cape Town for Candace, complete with rainbow cake! Rainbow cake is kind of a tradition in my family. There is always one made for a birthday. Candace's family also surprised her with a party in Indiana, and her mom even made her a surprise rainbow cake from me! (Thanks, Lavone!)

Candace-on-a-Toothpick made an appearance on the real Candace's birthday.
Jesse with Candace.
Candace and Flicka.
The budgie and Candace.
Candace with the mountain in the background.
Birthday cake celebrations.
Rainbow cake has a rainbow pattern inside.
In Indiana, Murray-on-a-Stick made an appearance at Candace's surprise party.
My pretty girl lights her candles. Happy birthday, Candace! I love you!

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