Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mercy Ships family...

It's always lovely to meet up with Mercy Ships friends outside of the Mercy Ship context. My friends Richard and Megan and their son Isaac are in South Africa on holiday, and I was able to meet up with them for supper last Friday. (13th December.) Richard is from South Africa and met his wife, Megan, on the ship. She's from America and they went through a similar process to Candace and I before settling in the USA. It was great to share advice and tips on the visa process, and also spend time reminiscing about ship life. It was also fun to meet their four-month-old son, Isaac. :-) I am very grateful and blessed to have such an extended family of Mercy Shippers!

Speaking of ship life, I do have some exciting news to share! But I'll wait for my next post to do that... :-)

Richard and Megan and little Isaac. :-)

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