Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tristan souvenirs...

Our trip had come to end, but the memories will live for the rest of our lives. When we got home we unpacked our bags, and laid out our souvenirs for one final photo to appropriately close this chapter.

A few buoys, volcanic (floating) rocks, postcards, local island art, a Tristan licence plate, as well as several other souvenirs. Not pictured is Candace's model longboat which is safely boxed in preparation for my future move to the United States of America. :-)


Oleg Rabinovich said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog on the trip to Tristan de Cunha. This place has fascinated me for its remoteness. A few questions about life there that I was hoping that you could answer.

-Where do they get their power from? diesel? if so how is it delivered with no real port?

-is there any satellite tv service available? if so what channels do they get?

-is the internet still at only 512k for the entire island or has there been an improvement in service?

-were you tempted to climb the peak? are you allowed to do so? do locals climb to the top of the peak? is it very dangerous to do so?

Thanks so much in advance for your replies. Much appreciated.

Oleg from New York

Murray Tristan Crawford said...

Thanks for reading, Oleg!

To answer your questions:

They do have diesel generators on the island. I think they do have storage tanks since most of the cars on the island are diesel engines. I'm not sure how they deliver it. Quite possibly in large drums.

The island used to get British Forces television, but now I believe they get BBC 1 and BBC 2.

The Internet is still very slow. That's why I waited till I was in Cape Town before I did my blog updates.

We would have loved to hike the Peak, but you do need a local guide for this. And you need a good weather day, which can be rather rare on Tristan da Cunha. The locals are the most-experienced when it comes to the mountain and the safe routes up onto the Base. That being said, it is a mountain and has rather sheer cliffs, so it is quite dangerous. Once you're on the Base the hike to the Peak is less challenging.

Hope I've managed to answer your questions on life on Tristan! :-) Thanks for reading!