Friday, 10 January 2014

Gorge-ous Hike...

This past Sunday (5th January 2014) I joined a group in going to the Gorge some 30 minutes north of the ship. We were dropped inland and then trekked down to the beach some five kilometres away. It was beautiful hiking through tropical forest and lush grassland. It was wonderful to be doing something active out and about in the Congo! It was also a treat to be able to hike in God's handiwork and appreciate the majesty of His creation. :-)

 The Gorge as seen from the starting point.
 Lush vegetation on the other side.
 The initial climb down was really steep.
 Looking back up at the ladder.
Got to watch your footing on this descent!
 Thick jungle vegetation.
 Walking through the forest.
 Little fingers growing from this branch. I think they're drips of sap that have solidified.
 Love the colours in the leaves here.
 Walking through the tall grass.
I can almost imagine a lion crouching in this grass, stalking its prey!
 Beautiful landscape.
 Crossing a muddy stream.
 Small ant's nest.
 Walking next to a river that runs in the Gorge.
 Plane flies overhead.
 Crossing the road to get to the beach.
 The lovely, clean beach.
 This former clinic is in danger of toppling off the cliff!
 This sea-wall is also in danger of collapsing!
View looking north along the coast. Beautiful!

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